Post No Bills

Mixed media acrylic spray enamel on canvas
2017, 50 x 40cm, signed, framed.



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Cope2 is an American street artist best known for his colorful, text-based graffiti tag. Born as Fernando Carlo in 1968 in South Bronx, NY, he began his street practice in 1985 after encouragement from his cousin, known as Chico 80. The work of Cope2 has been featured in various pop culture outlets, ranging from the formative 1983 graffiti documentary, Style Wars to his tag's inclusion in video and games like Grand Theft Auto IV and feature films like Shrek the Third, as well as product design collaboration with Adidas. Notably, the artist has been arrested on multiple occasions and accounts, including in 2014 when painting the Bowery Wall in New York, and has encountered frequent vandalization of his murals by fellow street artists due to implications of police collusion. Cope2 currently lives and works in New York, NY, and as with many fellow street artists, has turned his sights to the gallery setting, and has been exhibited by Die Hamburger Galerie in Hamburg and 19Karen Contemporary Artspace in Australia, among others.

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Post No Bills