Skull Cap

Spray Paint on Canvas
2012, 30 x 60.5cm(canvas), 39 x 70.5 x 7.3cm(frame), signed and dated verso. framed.


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Nick Walker is a contemporary British graffiti artist known for his use of stencils and ironic imagery. Many of Walker’s works feature political messages, such as his Coran Can (2010), a mural on the streets of Paris depicting a line of women dancing the can-can and wearing burqas. Born in 1969 in Bristol, United Kingdom, Walker began his association with the graffiti scene, in Bristol during the 1980s. At points in his career, the artist has worked in the movie industry, notably painting sets for the science fiction film Judge Dredd (1995) and Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut (1999). Like his contemporary Banksy, Walker has transitioned from exhibiting art on the streets to showing at commercial galleries, including Black Rat Gallery in London. He lives and works in his hometown of Bristol, United Kingdom.

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Skull Cap